About Interpreter Training Resources

This site is meant as a compilation of material and links that can be of direct practical help to trainee conference interpreters and their trainers.

The site comprises over one hundred pages of content written especially for this site by conference interpreters as well as hundreds of links to other websites and material there for student conference interpreters.

Please note that much of the site is made up of links to other sites…..if content is not part of the ITR site then a new window will open and the URL address will no longer begin http://interpretertrainingresources.eu .

A number of published texts have been reproduced here with permission from publishers. Others without. (Permission is required for excerpts of more than 400 words). The idea is to bring some of the more useful literature on interpreting to a wider audience, namely to student interpreters, who are not always encouraged to read as part of their courses. Any author who would like to volunteer extracts of their work (and which is of direct practical use for student interpreters) is invited to send it to the address below. Any author who wants their work removed from this site should also contact us and it will be removed.

If you have come across anything in the internet that has been useful to you or your colleagues in learning to interpret or training interpreters then please send in the link…. ………likewise if you are a trainer and you have ideas that you know work well with your students then please write them down and send them in so that others can benefit from your experience.

As a colleague once wrote,there is much knowledge out there that is not in writing…. and that is a shame because it is not available to all those who could benefit from it.