“Link words” is a misleading expression. We should talk about “links”. Links create a relationship between 2 or more ideas in a speech and can be conveyed by single words, expressions or implicitly. 

The following is a breakdown of links inspired by one of our colleagues. Numbered are 10 types of link, words that fall under that category and possible symbols to represent that link.

See also margins

Bbut, however, nonetheless, on the other hand, in spite of this, all the same,contradiction or limitation following an idea*
THOalthough, despite (the fact that), even though, while, whilst, notwithstanding,contradiction or limitation preceding an idea*
COSbecause, the main reason for this, what is causing this, what’s behind this?effect → cause
hence, this means that, the result of this is, the consequence of this is, so that, because of this, therefore, this is why, not surprisingly then,cause → effect
TO(in order) to, in such a way as to, so that, with the aim of, the purpose being to,purpose
if →if          then… (or inversion of same), had I known, were this to happen (and other similar conditionals), provided that, given a… then bcondition and consequence
egFor example, in particular, i.e., e.g., amongst other things, inter alia, like, not least the, and for announcing lists,examples of the preceding idea often in the form of lists
++ also, in addition, and, not only, on top of that there is, furthermoreaddition
//The paragraph mark: decidedly no link, end of link