Margins in consecutive note-taking

Many colleagues use a margin on the left hand side of the page when taking notes in consecutive. Be it real or virtual, a margin can be a very useful part of note-taking technique.

WHY use a margin?

– when reading your eyes automatically come back to the left hand side of page to start next idea (a la typewriter) 

– words in margin STAND OUT 

WHAT do we note in the margin?

1.    Links

The table below represents a note-pad onto which we have drawn a margin near the left-hand side of the page (and a horizontal line across the page after the “idea” – see splitting ideas) links are noted on same level on the page as the Subject, for example 

2.    Contrasting the actions of two subjects

    ….the EU is doing this, the US is doing that…. 

3.    Structural markers

 list numbering1…..2…..
 digressions {   }
 question marks ?

4.   Dates 

5.    Anything important ! 

REMEMBER…….the margin does not have to be real. Some colleagues actually draw a line on every page (BEFORE the meeting starts to save time while working) , others simply imagine it but note the elements above on the left. Some colleagues circle these elements to highlight their importance.