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On this page you will find a brief introduction to some of the more useful texts published on consecutive interpreting. This page is work in progress, so if you have found something you think should be here drop us a line.

A compilation of tried and tested practical exercises which hone the sub-skills that make up successful conference interpreting. Includes section on how to organise practice sessions out of class.

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Put together by senior UN intepreter James Nolan, offers some good strategies for simultaneous interpreting and interesting exercises to practise the same strategies. You will need Fr, En and Es in your combination to use all the examples though. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 are most useful.

Interpreting: From Preparation to Performance. Recipes for practitioners and Teachers, Compiled by

Csilla Szabó et al, British Council, Budapest. ISBN963 20 6409 7

Being a successful interpreter

Jonathan Downie

A practical guide to improving your work and professional life.

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Effektives Selbststudium – Schlüssel zum Erfolg in der Dolmetscherausbildung

Heine, Manfred (2000) In: Kalina, Sylvia et al. (eds) Dolmetschen: Theorie, Praxis, Didaktik. St. Ingberg: Röhrig, 213-229.