Interpreting research


Introducing Interpreting Studies 

Franz Pöchhacker

A very readable summary of the trends and developments in Interpreting Research since its inception not so very long ago.

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The Interpreting Studies Reader (Routledge Language Readers)

Franz Poechhacker and Miriam Schlesinger (editors)

A compilation of the most significant papers in the field of Interpreting Research. 

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Routledge Encyclopedia of Interpreting Studies 
by Franz Pöchhacker (Editor)

The ultimate book about interpreting research! Clear explanations of what research has shown about hundreds of interpreting-related headwords. Great book! But prohibitively priced!

Research papers from China

Consecutive Note-taking and Interpreter Training

Yasumasa Someya

Includes very interesting history of training in Japan (a system that is agency-run with graduates tied to the agency and yet a system that is very successful – imagine suggesting that in Europe!) and a summary in English of Michaela Albl-Mikasa’s very important PhD on Note-taking as an inter-language.

To Know How to Suggest …: Approaches to Teaching Conference Interpreting

Dörte Andres & Martina Behr (eds.)

Great book for interpreter trainers, or anyone looking for a basic introduction to the history of interpreter training and research.

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Journals & compilations

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