Symbols guidelines

Symbols are great….but it is worth abiding by a few basic principles to make sure they HELP rather than HINDER.

A “symbol” is anything, a mark, sign, letter or short word, used to represent a thing, or group of synonymous concepts. 

Why… use symbols?– they are quicker and easier to write than words

– they eliminate source language interference (calque)….because they represent ideas not words 
How… to use symbols? – symbols should be clear and unambiguous

– prepare symbols in advance, don’t improvise mid-speech and save much heart-ache. 

– consistent. If “E” is “energy” today, then let it stay that way. Find another symbol for “environment”

– make them organic….from one symbol can grow many other related symbols (see below) 
What… to note with symbols?– ideas that recur….ie. think, discuss, propose, agree, decide. These symbols can be used regardless of the meeting topic.

– and/or specific technical terminology encountered during meeting preparation. These symbols will be used once and discarded.