Reformulation and translation theory

When you’re looking for reformulation ideas, particularly for a specific language pair, then there is a wealth of translation literature that can be extremely useful. Translation, like interpretation is, after all, concerned with how best to say the same thing properly in a different language.

Below is a very small selection of books aimed at inspiring you to find similar publications relevant to your own language pairs.


A general textbook for translation outlining the differences between several languages and the translations issues those differences create. Includes examples and comparisons from several languages including French, German, Russian, Arabic and Japanese.

French – English

La Stylistique comparée du français et de l’anglais

Vinay et Darbelnet

One of the definitive texts of French-English translation for over 50 years.

Also available in English

A Linguistic Handbook of French for Translators and Language Students

Paul Boucher

“in-depth contrastive study of French and English based on recent theories of linguistics and discourse analysis.”

German – English

Thinking German Translation: A Course in Translation MethodGerman to English

Hervey, Higgins, Loughridge